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Pizza Revolution


In this 5 part Kids & Family series, we spin a wheel and make a pizza including those crazy ingredients while learning tips and tricks from Italian chef Fabio Viviani. 

Project Overview

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Set Design, Graphic Design, & Motion Design

Full Episode



Galano Grotesque

Ingredient Icon Design

Graphic icons I created to correspond with the wacky ingredients. They were placed on the cabinet doors of the pantry wall, as well as on the interchangeable pieces of the pizza wheel. 

Set Design

Pizza Revolution Mural design

This is the .ai file of the mural I designed for the central section of the set, later to be printed on vinyl. 

Pizza Revolution Set Design

This is a mock-up (Created by Brandon Cox) that we tested out the size of the flats and what would be the best set-up for the wheel wall and pantry wall while planning for various camera angles.

Wheel Design

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.07.49 PM.png

A mock-up of the spinning wheel.

Printed on vinyl for the final product, the wheel proved to be an interesting challenge for the art department, as the slices needed to be interchangeable, yet lightweight and quiet enough to not interfere with the audio of the show.

Final Set Design


Complete with a fully functional spinning wheel, and interchangeable cabinet doors on the pantry wall.


Produced by: Karen Madacsi

Edited by:  Ben Turner

Talent: Fabio Viviani

Logo Design: Ashley Meyer

Set Build Leads: Sierra Voss, Molly O'Connell

Photography: Dylan Osbourne

& many more BTS

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